Banana Diet - the Tastiest Way to Lose Weight

Banana diet is one of the tastiest ways to lose weight as well as to improve health. Even expression "banana diet" sounds sweet, doesn't it? Besides, this diet is rather simple and affordable. Just imagine: you shouldn't count calories, boil cereals or eat tasteless meals. Really, can you name more pleasant diet than one involving eating bananas? Before considering main rules of banana diet, let's speak about the main bananas' benefits for our body and organism.

8 useful properties of bananas you should now:

  1. natural sugars, contained in bananas, help to satisfy hunger efficiently and give us enough energy;
  2. this exotic fruit is rich with vitamins, dietary fiber and microelements essential for our vital activity;
  3. bananas prevent high blood pressure and low hemoglobin;
  4. bananas' microelements protect kidneys, stomach and eyesight and help to restore bowel function;
  5. bananas improve nerve function and control stress;
  6. banana is the best fruit to eat while treatment of gastrointestinal diseases;
  7. bananas improve renovation of epithelial layer;
  8. despites the fact, that banana is a high-calorie fruit, it is considered a dietary product due to small amount of oils.

Now you see that bananas' benefits can hardly be overestimated. Due to this banana diets are so popular. There are several types of banana diets:

Banana diet 1 - "Bananas and milk"

This diet lasts for 3-4 days and you can lose up to 4 kilos during it. Your daily ration should include three bananas and three glasses of milk. You can also drink water or sugar-free green tea. Milk may be substituted with defatted kefir. You can also combine this two products in cocktails instead of taking them separately.

Banana diet 2 - "1,5 kilos of bananas"

If you choose this diet, then 1,5 kilos of bananas will become you daily ration for the period of 3 to 7 days. You can drink water or sugar-free green tea as well. If your diet lasts longer than 5 days, it's recommended to take protein, for example, to add two boiled eggs to daily ration.

Banana diet 3 - "Morning banana diet"

This diet originated in Japan and it's certainly the most pleasant one. All you have to do is to take bananas for breakfast. It's recommended to eat up to 4 raw bananas. But what is unexpected is that you can eat normal lunch and dinner during the diet! It's very important to understand what "normal" means. You should take wholesome food and avoid fatty products. And there are some more restrictions: you shouldn't eat dinner later than 8 p.m., you aren't allowed to eat any deserts and you shouldn't drink anything but room temperature water. But still this morning banana diet is very easy in comparison with many other diets.

Don't forget that all people are different and there is no universal diet. Unfortunately, it may happen that banana diet won't help you to lose weight. But still it worth going on this diet, as it is a great way to clear the body of chemical waste and toxins and to improve your wellmess.

*The result may be different in each individual case.

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