Cabbage Diet. Another Weight Loss Diet for Vegetable-lovers.

Cabbage diet has been recognized as an effective way for weight loss for a long time. Cabbage is a low-calorie product, rich in vitamins and microelements. This vegetable is a high-fiber food which cleanses the intestine and removes waste products from our body. On the top of that, cabbage diet will control fat metabolism and prevent the conversion of fats to carbohydrates.

The only problem that you may face on a cabbage diet is flatulence, for that reason it is not recommended to people with gastrointestinal disturbance. It is better to find out if cabbage diet is right for you at first. Eat cabbage salad during one day and if you feel fine than you may freely go on the cabbage diet.

There are many variations of cabbage diets for weight loss, including cabbage soup diet, pickled cabbage diet, and kefir-cabbage diet. No matter which kind of cabbage you prefer, you can choose your favorite one and keep the meal plan you choose.

Cabbage soup diet

This variation of cabbage diet may last for 7-10 days. As you have probably guessed, the diet’s main component is cabbage soup. Here is the recipe:

Take one medium-sized head of cabbage. Chop it and bring to boil on high fire. Meanwhile chop three middle-sized onions, three tomatoes, two bell-peppers and three celery roots. Add the vegetables to the cabbage and cook until they become soft. You can also add to the soup chopped parsley and dill.

During the diet you should eat cabbage soup three times a day. You are also allowed to have 2-3 fruits per day (except from bananas and grapes). It is better to have fruits at breakfast or between the meals. Drink about 2-2.5 liters of water or green tea.

During this diet you can lose 4-5 kilos in a week.

3-day strict cabbage diet

This variation of cabbage diet involves eating cabbage salad during three days. You can have one head of cabbage a day. You may choose any kind of cabbage you like – cauliflower, Brussels sprout, or white cabbage. Dress cabbage salad with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and seasoning (with the exception of salt).

If this diet seems too strict for you, you can add half of an apple or one middle-sized carrot to each portion of salad.

During the diet you also should drink 2 liters of water or green tea.

Kefir-cabbage diet

Kefir-cabbage diet will suit those who cannot satisfy hunger on a cabbage diet. In this case you are allowed to drink 3 glasses of kefir daily. It is important to have cabbage and kefir separately. Although this variation of cabbage diet is less effective, it is much easier and does not cause flatulence.

Hope you will find a meal plan that will help you lose weight with pleasure!

*The result may be different in each individual case.

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