Kefir Diet Will Make Your Figure Slim

As is known, kefir is one of the healthiest dairy products. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, calms the nervous system, and improves condition of skin, nails and hair. On top of that, kefir is a dietary low-carb product, which is used in various diets and helps lose weight.

If you are looking for a kefir diet, you will find dozens of its variations. To choose the most effective one, you should know the main principles of combining kefir with other products. The thing is there are some products you should exclude when keeping a kefir diet. You should make such a menu, which will allow you to take full advantage of kefir useful properties, to clear the body of chemical waste, to slim your figure, and to improve your health.

Here you will find several kefir diets that will make you slimmer and cause no harm to your body.

Kefir mono-diet

Kefir mono-diet is a simple and effective diet. Prefix “mono” implies that your daily ration should include nothing but kefir. It is recommended to drink about 1,5 litres of kefir daily during three days. Keep in mind that the intervals between kefir intakes should be the same. During this mono-diet you can lose up to 4- 5 kg.

Kefir-fruit diet

During kefir-fruit diet you should drink up about 1,5-2 litres of kefir per day and eat fruit (or vegetables). This diet may last for a week and you can lose 6-7 kg during this period. Fruit will allow your body to get more nutrients and kefir will normalize your digestive system. However, there are some fruit and vegetables that should not be combined with kefir, such as bananas, grapes, cucumbers, and mushrooms. One of the most effective variations is kefir-apple diet. During this diet you should eat about 1,5 kg of apples or drink about 1,5 litres of kefir daily. It is also allowed to drink soda water and green tea. The diet may last for as long as 9 days.

21-day kefir diet

21-day kefir diet will help you lose up to 10 kg. With this diet you can avoid problems with metabolism, because you will lose weight gradually. Here are the main principles and rules of 21-day diet:

  • Drink about 1 litre of milk daily.
  • You are allowed to eat starch-free vegetables and fruit.
  • All sugar-containing products (pastry and confectionery) should be excluded.
  • You are allowed to eat boiled low-fat lean meat or fish, but no more than once in 3 days. You can salt the food with no more than 5 g of salt a day.
  • The intervals between food intakes should be the same. It is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day.
  • Other prohibited products include flour products, alcohol, cheese, fast food, butter, and potato.

7-day kefir diet

If the period of 21 days seems too long for you, you can take advantage of shorter 7-day kefir diet. During this period you will lose up to 5 kilos. In addition, this diet will improve your well-being and flush your body. The main rules of this diet are: 1) you should drink 10 glasses of water daily and 2) drink 0,5 litres of kefir each day (1 glass in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 glass of kefir before bedtime). Note that alcohol is strictly forbidden. You are also allowed to eat some other foods. Here is the diet plan:

  • Day 1: Eat all fruit except bananas. It is especially recommended to eat melons or watermelons.
  • Day 2: You are allowed to eat any raw or cooked vegetables. It is better to start your day with baked potato.
  • Day 3: You can eat all fruit and vegetables in any quantity (except bananas and potatoes).
  • Day 4: Eat up to 8 bananas during the fourth day.
  • Day 5: It is the most pleasant day. Today you will eat beef with tomatoes.
  • Day 6: Your food intake should consist of beef and vegetables in any quantity.
  • Day 7: And the last day. Today you can eat vegetables and brown rice, and drink fruit juices.

I believe that this post will help you to choose a kefir diet that suits you. I wish you the best of luck with your diet!

*The result may be different in each individual case.

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